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Pumpkin Patching


I think our "Pumpkin Patch" looks quite a bit different than a lot of yours and was thinking maybe you'd like to see how we do it here in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Last weekend we visited McDonalds Ranch. They have some ranch activities and you take a hayride out to the "pumpkin patch" (I use that term lightly lol!). The boys had a great time!

Happy Fall from Phoenix (where it's still in the 90's)!


Fort Friday!

Another week another Fort Friday! Thank you all for inspiring me every week to find and share awesome forts for us all to enjoy!

This 17 month old is showing us how to put those diaper boxes to good use!

The easiest fort is the throw a sheet over the table fort. Become the "best mom ever" by adding a movie and party lights ;)

How about a vacation to Treehouse Point?

Gorgeous cardboard fort/playhouse at La Maison de LouLou

This whole house is SO amazing but check out this fort on Grateful Shed

Here is a simple and cost effective way to make your child's room a bit more fun from Emilie sans Chichi


Halloween Printables

Here's a little roundup of some fun Halloween Printables for you!

Puppets from Make and Takes

Masks from Mr. Printables

Halloween countdown from Kiki and Company on Eighteen 25

Halloween Fortune cookies from Kind Over Matter

Last year we put flying bats all over - template from Country Living


Homemade Costumes

My mom used to make all of our costumes. We had the BEST costumes. It was either homemade or those horrible plastic shirts with a mask. I was very thankful for my homemade costumes. Store bought costumes are SO much better now but I still love a good homemade costume. Here are some that I've seen and loved from around the internet!

A perfect army man from Wild Ink Press

Scuba accessories from Real Simple

DIY Skeletons from Finley and Oliver

and airplane/pilot at Oh Happy Day

or a good old LEGO from Country Living


Catapult Paper Airplanes

We are definitely fan of the paper airplane here. We've done Strawplanes, oversized planes, and dragon planes. Well here's a new one to try - catapult plane from Minieco that they saw in The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do. Add a rubberband (and some tape or cardboard for stability to the bottom of your plane) and see how it affects your launch!

Let me know how it goes if you try it out soon!


DIY Weatherproof Halloween Decorations

I'm over at Modern Parents Messy Kids today showing you how to make an easy outdoor Halloween garland. Weatherproof and homemade - awesome!


Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday everyone! We had a day or two of cooler temps so we are definitely starting to look forward to Fall (it will be back up to 90F this next week though). Fall here in AZ means more time outside! We worked on an inside fort this past weekend though. Just a simple dining table fort (sheets thrown over the dining table) with their cousins.

Wrong Way Dummy built a fort/treehouse using a tree and a swingset. Very cool!

Love how proud these All for the Boys readers look. That's one mighty fort!

Here's another awesome cardboard toy fort/castle from Acorn Pies.

 I always love a good fort bed from Weekday Carnival


Glowing Eyes Halloween Craft

Have you ever had an idea you thought made you so smart and then discovered you weren't the first one to have that idea? That's what happened with these for me lol! I had been wanting to do these for a while and about a week ago I was flipping through a magazine at the store (Family Fun maybe?) and saw the same thing - of course executed cuter for a magazine. Oh well, not going to stop me from sharing it with you!

You'll need ping pong (table tennis) balls, LED tealights (the cheapest I found them was at Walmart 6 for $2.50 regular price or you could get a 12 pack at Michaels or Joan with your weekly coupon), a small knife for the parents, and whatever materials you'd like to decorate them with.

Start by cutting an "x" on the bottom of the ping pong and sticking the fake flame of the tealight through the x. This will let your child know right where to draw the eye.

Next just decorate! You could get creative and make eyebrows, eyelashes, a body etc but my boys just wanted eyes. And wanted none of them to match. Whatever floats their boat!

They loved finding places to stick them. Most were on the mantle.

Linking up with the Eighteen25 Halloween Link Up Party