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Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday everyone! We had a day or two of cooler temps so we are definitely starting to look forward to Fall (it will be back up to 90F this next week though). Fall here in AZ means more time outside! We worked on an inside fort this past weekend though. Just a simple dining table fort (sheets thrown over the dining table) with their cousins.

Wrong Way Dummy built a fort/treehouse using a tree and a swingset. Very cool!

Love how proud these All for the Boys readers look. That's one mighty fort!

Here's another awesome cardboard toy fort/castle from Acorn Pies.

 I always love a good fort bed from Weekday Carnival


Glowing Eyes Halloween Craft

Have you ever had an idea you thought made you so smart and then discovered you weren't the first one to have that idea? That's what happened with these for me lol! I had been wanting to do these for a while and about a week ago I was flipping through a magazine at the store (Family Fun maybe?) and saw the same thing - of course executed cuter for a magazine. Oh well, not going to stop me from sharing it with you!

You'll need ping pong (table tennis) balls, LED tealights (the cheapest I found them was at Walmart 6 for $2.50 regular price or you could get a 12 pack at Michaels or Joan with your weekly coupon), a small knife for the parents, and whatever materials you'd like to decorate them with.

Start by cutting an "x" on the bottom of the ping pong and sticking the fake flame of the tealight through the x. This will let your child know right where to draw the eye.

Next just decorate! You could get creative and make eyebrows, eyelashes, a body etc but my boys just wanted eyes. And wanted none of them to match. Whatever floats their boat!

They loved finding places to stick them. Most were on the mantle.

Linking up with the Eighteen25 Halloween Link Up Party


To Do

Does anyone else have kids on Fall break right now? We've never had a Fall break until this year and it's been a little strange. We've had 3 days off but haven't really done much or gotten anything done. We've been all over the place. Here are a couple things on our to do list:

LEGO pencil holder from Handmade Charlotte

DIY Marble Ramp from Ambrosia Creative

DIY Cardboard bed also from Ambrosia Creative (my 8 year old still loves his stuffed animals)

and spider webs from Small for Big

But for now we're headed outside to run/walk/jump some of their energy out.


Fall Crafts for the Younger Set

We have a craft to share tomorrow but I wanted to share some I've seen for younger kiddos too. 

First I think this Carve-a-pumpkin app is fun for all ages

Who doesn't love stepping in paint to make these ghost footprint plaques (or you could just do it on paper) from 2pawsdesigns

A Halloween sensory bin from Nuturing Naters

They could make their own blocky Frank, Ghost, Pumpkin, Bat from Roberts Crafts

Love this little felt Autumn tree (especially because we don't have them here) from rajovilla

Or these little felt mix and match pumpkins from Mer Mag

Do you have a Halloween/Fall craft or a favorite craft for younger kids?


Room Inspiration

I haven't shared any room inspiration for a while and I am in desperate need for some! If you're like me and trying to organize/finish up/re-decorate rooms before the holidays here is some inspiration for you!

from Ikeafamilylive.com

from The Selby

from ladyreynolds on Flickr

from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

from Traveling Mama

from design sponge

I feel like there is no room in my boys' new rooms to fit a desk but everytime I see one I want to make room from Fantastic Frank

from Mokkasin

from Nib

from Weekday Carnival

If you'd like a dose of reality check out our "Real Blogger Kids Rooms" post. 


Star Wars Reads Day

Tomorrow October 6, 2012 is Star Wars Reads Day! A day to celebrate Star Wars and reading. Check out Starwars.com to see if there is an event near you.


Even if there isn't an event near you there is a downloadable PDF activity guide! My boys are going to love the Fortune Wookie!

You can follow Star Wars Reads on Facebook too for more info! Do you think you'll be participating? If you want you can share pictures of your celebrations on our Facebook page (we are going to!)


Fort Friday!

Happy Fort Friday! Here at All for the Boys we celebrate Fridays with some awesome fort inspiration from around the web. Whether made of sheets, cardboard, wood, or sticks, forts are a place we can go to transport our minds to wherever we want to go. You can play, dream, relax, or create in a fort. Everything is better in a fort!

If you want to share your fort (or an awesome one you found) just send it to me!

These boys build a camouflage fort that had to be brought inside because of rain. I think it works just as well inside!

And I had to share this fort from Dos Family. It has SO many fun details!

I want to make one!

Love the rope ladder on this one from Nicety

This one I saw on Birch + Bird is gorgeous

Smile and Wave has a tutorial for this DIY modular fort

Have a great weekend!


Halloween Fun

Since we STILL haven't finished our Halloween projects (I should have never admitted we were working on them in the first place!) I thought I'd share some that caught my eye.

Scout Creative has made some fun Trick or Treat Monitor Monster paper printable toys! You can download your own on the hp site

Spinning gohts from Parents

Make a bat puppet from Made by Joel

and I can't help but share some LEGO Halloween fun

Spooky pops from Sugar Swings!

And I just love this picture from kennymatic on Flickr