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Craft Giveaway!

For the month of February CraftProjectIdeas is sharing the love with special giveaways and promotions on their site.

They so kindly offered to send us 2 of their new craft kits geared towards boys. So we had to check them out!

We were sent the Catapult Wars (you can even see an assembly video here)

and the Rubber Band Launcher (assembly video here)

They are complete kits that your kid(s) and you can completely assemble and play with! I've said before that my boys appreciate a craft that actually DOES something after you are done. Since these are wood and use wood glue before I even read the instructions I figured that there would be waiting involved so I warned the boys ahead of time. (I find that to be very helpful) I also planned to start on it when we were going to be in and out of the house so we would work on it in bits and pieces.

The Rubber Band Launcher was completed first and the boys loved it as I knew they would (it doesn't launch them too hard since the rubber bands that come with the kit are larger but we still had the conversation about what you aim/launch at). They liked knocking down the paper figures that came with the kit and later moved on to Lego Darth Vader, Playmobil, and anything else they could set up.

We worked on the Catapult Wars set also but see this extra little head here?

Yeah she grabbed ALL the wooden dowels we needed to finish the kit and chewed them up. Just keeping it real ;)

We haven't gotten a chance to get to the store to pick the correct sized ones up yet but they boys are itching to try. It looks super fun. We'll finish it up this week and post our final review!

I didn't want to hold up giving 1 set away to 2 different readers though! 


CraftProjectIdeas is giving away 1 Catapult Wars and 1 Rubber Band Launcher to 2 different readers. So one of you will get a Catapult Wars and one of you will get a Rubber Band Launcher. All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread. Feel free to also check out CraftProjectIdeas website as well as their Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up with them.

Giveaway will be open until 11:59pm MST on February 27, 2012 



Gum Wrapper Darts

Something for the older ones (who won't choke when doing this) a little tutorial for gum wrapper darts. This has no other use than to entertain my boys for quite a long time.

Unwrap a stick of gum

Eat the gum and save the wraper. Smooth it out on the edge of a table.

Wrap the wrapper around a finger with about 1/2 of it above your finger

Twist the end above your finger into as tight/sharp point as you can.

Put the open end into your mouth with a bit of the point sticking out

Take a deep breath through your nose and with a big puff of air blow out the "dart". It took him 1 try and he had it down. he was able to get it to go pretty far.

Gum wrapper darts! Do them when you're bored, when you're snowed in, or to impress your kids when you need some cool points.



Star Wars Crafts

Star Wars Episode I comes out in 3D in theaters around here tomorrow and I think it's safe to say my boys will be dragging me to the theater this weekend. I had them look up some crafts they thought would be fun to satisfy some of their Star Wars excitement ;)

Pool Noodle Light Sabers from Muddy Boots Blog

Wokiee Birdhouse from Zoe's Star Wars Craft Project

A repurposed enemy from Living Locurto

Make your own R2 Unit (and TONS more party inspiration) from Sweet Craft Cakes

An X Wing Fighter from office supplies on Instructables from spookylean

Simple Star Wars Rocks from Amy Snaps on Flickr

I know there is a lot more Star Wars crafts out there - what are some of your favorites?


Bird Feeders

My 7 year old has been wanting to have a bird feeder in the backyard for a while. I don't know why because we  have plenty of dove and quail eating whatever it is they are finding in the grass, but still, he wants one. I thought I'd share some of our favorite options.

A Chopstike and Coke Can Bird Feeder from What I Made

Play Doh lid bird feeders from Meet the Dubiens

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders from eighteen25

Popsicle Stick Feeder from Tonya Staab

and these simple TP roll feeders from This Homemade Life



Science Sparks

Science Sparks started up last year and has TONS of science fun. I know a lot of you (especially those with the older kids) love doing these science activities so I thought I'd make you aware of this fun site!

They recently shared a tutorial on how to make a catapult that's a bit different than others I've seen. I'm always up for a new catapult creation!

I want to try making this eerie sounds device too! Thanks for inspiring Science Sparks!


DIY Bow and Arrow | Janel from Hating Martha

Today we have Janel from Hating Martha with an awesome step by step. I have seen this project before but I think it's one of those that gets passed down through generations and who knows where it started! Take it away Janel


I adore this little craft. I am sure I didn't think it up all by myself. My momma thinks I am that smart...but I know better. I probably saw it somewhere. So I am sorry if I skype your idea. Just throw a fit and I will fix it. But, I have had this little craft sitting in the back of my head and I finally just decided to give it a try. Perhaps I am not as original as I think. Let me be delusional and think I am oh so creative! Thanks. Cause in this house we shoot q-tips. It's a carry over from youth group game nights. And it is a favorite fun time for us. So, I thought it would be fun to make it legitimate. With real honest to goodness equipment. Ta-da!

A miniature bow and arrow set. How fun is that? The best part is that it is made out of simple things, it is easy, cheap cheap, and oh so fun!

The list of necessary supplies: popsicle sticks fishing line (you can use floss, too) q-tips.

Tools you need: craft knife or other sharp knife bowl of water

Okay. Here we go... You need to soak those popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour...or two. This makes them soft and bendable. At some point during their soaking cut two small slits on each end of the stick. Finish their soaking.

Now that they are nice and soft gently bend them into the bow shape. I recommend that you start in the middle and work your way out. If they don't bend without breaking a bit, soak them longer. I usually soak more then I need because I tend to not wait long enough and break one. I don't have patience.

When you have your nice shape tie the fishing line to one end using the notches to keep it on the stick. Wrap it around a couple times then bring it down to the other side. Wrap it around that side a few times. Bring it back around the other side and tie it off. I like to add a dab of hot glue just to make me feel better. And then it feels like a legit project :).

There you have it...the bow. Now the arrows are simply q-tips with an end cut-off.

I recommend putting little slits into the end of the "arrows" . This gives the fishing line something to grab on to. And its just cool. I like to draw some Native American designs on the bow. Tie up the "arrows" with some twine, pop the whole thing into a cute little bag I sewed up and ....

Isn't that just the cutest! Now, these really work. No joke. My son had them shooting across the room. They do take a bit of coordination that this momma obviously does not have. But...I think little boys are born with the ability to shoot arrows... There you have it! Thanks for letting me share my creative nonsense with you!! Happy shooting!


Winner and Activities

And the winner of the Lego Speech Bubbles is:


#39 Sarah T who said: "Love these!!!! My kids would get a kick outta them! Thanks for a hosting a fun and inspirational blog!"

Congratulations Sarah I hope your kids enjoy them! I'll be in contact with you shortly to get your shipping information!

I have plans to spruce up the site a bit making things easier to find and more accessible. As I was going through I thought I'd share some projects we've done in the past in case you haven't seen them or just need some inspiration. 

We have a lot of fun things in the works just not quite ready to post yet!

Condiment Prank

Film Canister Rocket

DIY Water Scope

Pepper + Dish Soap Experiment


Bending Water

Balancing Soda Can

Water Bottle Launcher

Balloon Propeller

Dollar Bill Paperclip Trick

Balancing Money

Paper Football

A Minifig Beach

Spy Headquarters (playhouse)

Newspaper hats (and boats and life jackets)

Star Wars Pillowcases

DIY  Stethoscope

Vinegar + Baking Soda



Holiday Inspiration

It's almost here and we are all SO busy. There are so many fun things and crafts I want to fit in but no time to do them.

Like these Star Wars snowflakes 

I want to surprise the boys one morning and have those and these (from A Little Delightful)

hanging in their rooms. How cool would that be?

And my Muppet loving boy would LOVE if we could make these from Happy Looks Good on You

A reader sent me the link to this page that has some LEGO ornament instruction guides (thanks Posy!)

I think the boys will like collecting sticks to make these from Crafster

We don't have a Christmas Village but I can just see LEGO minifigs, Playmobil, and Superheros taking over this village couldn't you?! I used to make villages out of paper bags all the time. (from Paging Supermom)

Unfortunately not only are we super busy - the boys are in school still this week! Will you be doing fun things? Can I live vicariously through you?

P.S. This GIVEAWAY ends tonight!