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Paper Snowflakes

The simple, but fun, winter craft - paper snowflakes! I like this method of folding because you can cut anywhere top, bottom, or any side and your snowflake turns out - the less rules the better right?!

You'll need a square sheet of paper. I like to cut a stack of papers into squares with my paper trimmer ahead of time.

First you fold the paper in half to form a triangle

and in half again

Next you're going to take the open end and fold it towards the other side about 1/3 of the way in

fold the other side over the top of that one

Now you're going to cut off the "tails" at the bottom. If you turn it over you'll have a nice straight guide.

Now the fun part - cut away! Cut triangles, squares, wavy lines - whatever you like

The fun part about folding this way is that you can cut whatever side, top, or bottom you like.

.When you're satisfied with your cuts - carefully unfold your masterpiece.

Ta Da!

The boys made a ton of snowflakes and wanted to know where I was going to hang them all. I think I found the perfect way and now they are itching to make more!

I'm sharing how I like to hang their snowflakes over at Modern Parents Messy Kids - come stop by!


More Winter Play

My boys love(d) doing themed activities especially this time of year. Here are some fun winter crafts and activities to keep you busy!

Last year Kristen from Busy Kids = Happy Mom shared this fun activity on our blog using the Model Magic clay

Love this Winter Diorama playset from One More Mushroom on Bloesom Kids

I don't know what it is about these but my 8 year old likes making things out of paper bags. This Reindeer on Kaboose is pretty cute

You could make a snow monster for your winter scene! From Preschool Crafts for Kids

Make a winter playmat from Pink and Green Mama


DIY Gifts

This is one of my favorite past roundups of DIY gifts. You could make these for your kids or have them help you make them. 

From that list is this a definite reader favorite - from Made by Rae

I recently found this post with 101 DIY gifts for kids.

You could make them this LEGO Pencil Holder with new colored pencils, art supplies, and paper! - from Handmade Charlotte

Kids could make their own snowglobes and you could insert giftcards inside!

Make a LEGO tray (kids can decorate) with a new set - from Somewhat Simple

And I still love this DIY balance board from Elsie Marley

For the younger kids with design oriented parents these hand painted Geo blocks are gorgeous - from Ambrosia Creative

Here's a fun (and messy) project the kids can really get into - from Heart and Habit


DIY Paper Box

Here is another activity you could do to incorporate your kids artwork into gift giving. These are also great for storage, organizing, and just for fun! 
You'll need a square of paper any size. Fold the paper diagonally both ways to make an "x" with the creases.
Then fold it horizontally both ways as well (unfolding in between)
You'll have a square that looks like this (this is upside down)
Fold each corner into the center
When those are all folded into the center, fold the top half - half way down
Do the same for the bottom - then unfold just the top and bottom half all the way
Turn the paper so the unfolded ends are pointing to the sides now
Now fold this top half - half way down to the center
Do the same to the other side
Now unfold these sides leaving the triangle at the bottom - these are your first 2 sides of the box
Next you're going to take the pointed ends and fold them in so it folds over itself making another wall
Do the same to the other side and you have yourself a box!
If your kids are anything like mine, it won't be hard filling them!
Make another box 1/2 - 1" smaller and you have a top/bottom!
We made a big one with wrapping paper so your paper doesn't need to be thick
The boys LOVED this project and already have lots of ways they want to use/give their new skill. Happy folding!

Kids' Artwork Gift Wrap Garland


This is a fun way to incorporate kids' drawings into packaging that also doubles as a keepsake AND your kids don't have to draw them over and over.

I tend to shop in the remnants section in the fabric department of our craft store so my fabric was just chosen from whatever I had on hand! But first you'll want your kiddos to draw their best little holiday pictures. They don't have to make them small you can do that on the computer!

Next you'll scan their images into the computer.  You can resize the images in your choice of software - there are SO many choices with image software so I wouldn't be able to touch on all of them. Some of the things you may want to do is resize/cut out and place the images all on one page/increase the saturation a bit if they used crayons/ and if there are words written you'll want to flip the images at this point so they are backwards usually it's referred to as "flip horizontally" in the photo editing software. 

Print the images onto Iron on T-shirt transfer paper and cut them out.

I cut my fabric into little triangles to form a garland. Then I ironed the transfers on using a sheet of cardboard underneath and a kitchen towel on top to protect my iron just in case!

Last they all get sewn together (or you can iron them into some fabric binding as well). I used a black fabric binding for mine and sewed the triangles in. I just eyeballed the spacing - not much perfection here. And if you're like me you'll be sewing late at night when everyone else is sleeping!

Then you're done!

Cute little gift wrap that can double as a keepsake decoration for the recipient. 

We've also done something similar on the reusable canvas bags. Instead of the transfer paper I used the printable fabric for that one.

How do you incorporate your kids' artwork into gift giving? Kelle Hampton made some super cute ornaments

Post contains affiliate links


Time to get Crafty: Ornaments

I'm declaring this a "crafty" week. We all love getting new crafty ideas.  I've got ornaments, gifts to craft, and just fun things to keep the kids busy this week. I hope you love it!

My boys love making ornaments - it's usually me that gets bored with the same ones all the time! I've been looking for ideas for ornaments for us to make this year and I've found some that I thought you all would like! I haven't gotten our decorations out yet but once I do I'll share 2 of our favorites that I haven't seen yet on the internet!

This helicopter from craftycounterpart on Instructables has to be one of the most unique - love it!

Cute reindeer ornaments from fingerprints by Little Bit Funky


Snowmen handprint ornaments from Meet the Dubiens

For the older kiddos - mosaic ornaments from old CDs from Creme de la Craft

Love just doing a little handprint on a clear glass ball for babies first Christmas - from a sorta fairytale

A cornstarch/baking soda/water clay ornament from the woodside kitchen (kids could get creative with the shape, stamps, or colors)

Egg Carton Folk Ornaments from Michele Made Me

The boys and I are loving this idea for an ornament/topping presents - from Creature Comforts

Magnets but you could do double sided for ornaments! from Urban Comfort

Create a winter wonderland (so many options with this one!) from Spoonful

Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your blog post about ornaments you like to make!


Gratitude Turkey Craft

Today I have a fun multipurpose craft up at Modern Parents Messy Kids. A Thankful Turkey that you can write little messages on for each person at the Thanksgiving table!

The full how to can be read HERE


Thanksgiving Crafts

We have a few fun Thanksgiving/Fall themed activities we are working on for you but I wanted to share a few fun ones I've found. 

Make a teepee (perfect for LEGO minifigs ;) from Kaboose

I love these gourd turkeys from All You

This kids Thanksgiving table set up is so perfect! - from Fiskars

Also check out the Printables, Crafts & Activities, and Thankful Art Project we featured last year for lots more inspiration!