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Fort Friday!

Is it Friday? I'm so confused! Love these Holiday weekends. So who braved/is braving Black Friday? I bought 1 thing on Amazon that I was waiting for last night and that looks like it's going to be it for me.

It's Fort Friday! We celebrate here at all for the boys with fun fort inspiration. If you'd like to participate by sending in your fort you can email it here.

We'll be at home enjoying family and the time off! My boys have been regularly setting up a tent in the backyard that they got from a friend whose son has grown out of it. If you have a chance to get a small easy to set up and take down tent - do it!

The Little Paper Dog made a newspaper tent - we posted about those here

Love this topsy turvy set from Monstrum

How creative is this cardboard log cabin - decorated gingerbread house style from Mrs. Butterfield's First Grade

Here's a DIY tent from On One Hand

This DIY fort made from foam and fabric is just genius - from Weekday Carnival


Fort Friday!

Happy Fort Friday! It's cooling down here and starting to feel like the holidays (well for Phoenix anyway) I hope you are all enjoying the Gift Guide this year. More to come with that!

I love seeing all of your forts so please send them to me if you create one and would like to share!

This little man is excited for Christmas and since his parents weren't ready to decorate the house yet, he thought he'd decorate his fort. Smart boy!

Over at Silly = Sane they make and find forts all around their house!

A colorful cubby house seen at home improvement pages

This space looks SO much fun - on Dwell

This site Monstrum is so amazing for fort inspiration and I'll have to share more on Fort Fridays but this one definitely caught my eye!



We shared Stick-lets on a Fort Friday post almost one year ago and I am SO excited that they are now readily available! Stick-lets are stretchy little connectors that allow kids to create amazing forts and play spaces using sticks and other found objects.

I loved this idea when I first saw the prototype so jumped on the chance to play when Christina asked if she could send us some.

Apparently we have a shortage of good sticks here in this part of the desert but my boys found some store bought ones we had for another project and got to work. Sometimes I'll show them how something works but these I let them have the bag without saying anything. 

They played outside for hours and I popped out here and there when they asked me to take a picture

The great thing about these is that there is no real wrong or right way to use them. You manipulate and maneuver them until it works for you.

They made multiple configurations and I heard them talking about making sure we had them with us next time we go camping. 

Such a fun, inexpensive way to get the kids outside and using their imagination! 

Metropolismag.com has a fantastic article about Christina and Stick-lets that explains it so much better than I ever could (I'm good at showing but not explaining) 

You can buy your own Stick-lets on their site.

Disclosure: I was given a set of Stick-lets for free but all opinions are strictly my own and was not compensated in any other way. I never post a review of a product I wouldn't buy myself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Fort Friday!

Fort Friday of a 3 day weekend here (Monday is Veterans Day!) I know my kids are excited because we are actually cooling down a bit.

The Holiday gift guide is coming out next week!! I didn't realize how much work it was going to be so I really hope you all enjoy it!

Speaking of gifts Zulily.com has some events coming up with Star Wars, LEGO, Hurley, and Quicksilver so you may want to sign up and watch for that! They take a little longer to ship if you're used to Amazon but there are some great deals to be had if you're planning ahead!

Speaking of Star Wars who has already downloaded Star Wars Angry Birds? So fun!

Now on to the forts!

Kevin Langan has an awesome site where he's challenging himself to create 100 wild huts on different types of land!

We still have Mickey on the brain - here's a cute Mickey themed playhouse on HGTV

It's a little Hobbit Hole! From Wooden Wonders

Or maybe you're a little more Knightly and need a proper castle - from The Playhouse Company

Have a great weekend everyone!


Fort Friday!

Happy Fort Friday! Here at All for the Boys we celebrate Fridays with some awesome fort inspiration from around the web. Whether made of sheets, cardboard, wood, or sticks, forts are a place we can go to transport our minds to wherever we want to go. You can play, dream, relax, or create in a fort. Everything is better in a fort!

If you want to share your fort (or an awesome one you found) just send it to me!

Love this gorgeous cardboard castle from The Busy Budgeting Mama (just found her site - love it!)

An inflatable fort from Step 2

I would love to know the original source of this one I found on Pinterest - Found! Made by Gregg Fleishman

A Playhouse that Daddy Built from Paging Supermom

This fort/playhouse from Extreme Home Makeover is pretty darn cool too!

Have a great weekend!


Fort Friday

A happy Fort Friday for me - sleepovers, Halloween preperation, and a top secret trip for the boys (I can post this now because they won't read this until they know)

This entire playhouse from Green esCape is SO cool

and this room from Ikea Family Live is pretty amazing as well

An easy to store play tent from H&M

Residents from the Kirkland House at Harvard made the world's largest cardboard fort. I think I know where my boys want to go to school. (from the Harvard Gazette)

best reason to buy new large appliances - a fort - from Darci Stitches&Scissors on Flickr


Fort Friday!

Another week another Fort Friday! Thank you all for inspiring me every week to find and share awesome forts for us all to enjoy!

This 17 month old is showing us how to put those diaper boxes to good use!

The easiest fort is the throw a sheet over the table fort. Become the "best mom ever" by adding a movie and party lights ;)

How about a vacation to Treehouse Point?

Gorgeous cardboard fort/playhouse at La Maison de LouLou

This whole house is SO amazing but check out this fort on Grateful Shed

Here is a simple and cost effective way to make your child's room a bit more fun from Emilie sans Chichi


Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday everyone! We had a day or two of cooler temps so we are definitely starting to look forward to Fall (it will be back up to 90F this next week though). Fall here in AZ means more time outside! We worked on an inside fort this past weekend though. Just a simple dining table fort (sheets thrown over the dining table) with their cousins.

Wrong Way Dummy built a fort/treehouse using a tree and a swingset. Very cool!

Love how proud these All for the Boys readers look. That's one mighty fort!

Here's another awesome cardboard toy fort/castle from Acorn Pies.

 I always love a good fort bed from Weekday Carnival