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Room Inspiration

Anyone doing some spring cleaning? We are moving so sort of cleaning/rearranging/weeding through all together! I thought some inspiration might be good for those of us diving in!

Lisa from Lisa J Photography changed her son's closet into a desk area, love this bright room (more on her blog)

Love the walls in this open and airy room from New York Nursery Tales


This double loft room from the Contended Sparrow is so inviting!

I love that this room showcases the boys' personality without seeming too stuffed or cluttered from DosFamily

I really like these shelves from Design Shimmer


DIY Paper Helicopter!

I'm guest posting today over at The Fort! Hop on over to see how to make a simple and fun paper helicopter of sorts!



DIY LEGO Travel Box

Grace from Finley and Oliver is a super talented mom of 2 boys. Her blog is one I have in my blog reader. I love her little t shirt projects

(DIY Mustache tee)

and what HE wore is one of my favorite features.

Yesterday she shared this DIY LEGO Travel Box and I wanted to make one immediately!

Her and her family came up with this cheese box to DIY LEGO Travel Box idea and put it into action. Super easy paint and adhear LEGO base to size. Check out her blog post for some more detail. 

I need to make one (or several)! Thanks so much Grace!


Boy vs Wild party - Greatfun4Kids

My boys love the outdoor shows when they get a chance to watch them. Man vs. Wild is one they've seen and talked about. However even if they haven't seen the show this party is perfect for any "outdoorsy" kid.  I absolutely LOVED all the details and activities in this Boy vs Wild party from Greatfun4kids so much that I had to share!

Everything was so well thought out from the decorations, to activities, to the food!

For a lot more inspiration and ideas including the snake on a stick (so smart) visit Greatfun4kids She even has some awesome printables and how to's for you HERE as well as lots of other party and activity inspiration!


Keeping it Real

I don't think too much about what our lives look like to others. I mean I take a few photos and put up a fun tutorial now and then. However, I started reading (completely innocent and kind) comments about All for the Boys on other blogs saying things like "Love this blog but be warned, it will make you feel like a lazy mother" or something to that effect. Then I got asked if I do a big activity or craft with my boys every day. PLEASE do not feel like a lazy mother, heck you like this blog because of the inspiration to play with your kids right?!

I am by NO means a perfect mother. I do believe I'm a good mom and you should too! (Mom, Grandmother, Father etc.) Our life is loud, bickering, messy, boring, unhealthy dinners once in a while but it's also laughter, love, respect, educational, fun... It's real and it's ours and I love it.

Everyone is different everyone's schedules are different. Heck even mine changes. I used to work full time out of the house with a 45min drive each way to the office. Now I work most days at home (still full time) and that has different stresses on us as a family but we take each change in stride and make it work for us.

To me the most important thing is remembering to take time to make special moments and memories with my boys. We go on one on one dates (their choice), I do fun activities like we show on the blog, we act silly in the grocery store, we make jokes, we take walks to the park, we dance in the rain. 

Honestly one of my 9 year old's favorite memories of fun times together is when we made a band with stuff from the kitchen. You know, banging on the pots and pans, throwing beans or rice into a jar. It was a few years ago (I was trying to keep them busy and from getting on eachother (and my) nerves) but he will bring it up every now and then. There are no perfect pictures, there isn't even a scrapbook page, just his very fond memory. And THAT is my goal as a mother. No fancy science tricks, no brand new toys, and no perfect photography needed. Everyone has what that takes.

(Cute DIY bongos from minieco)

So my advice to you is step out of your comfort zone a little and play with your kids.

Create memories.

And please remember that all you see on a blog are a few pictures from a few moments in our lives.  (and thank goodness there isn't any sound ;)


A Beaver Dam Party

Under the Sycamore is a blog I frequent and as soon as she posted her son's beaver party I begged (ok I asked nicely) if I could feature it here. A dam building, playing outside party perfect for the boys.

I love the dam building activity! We may have to do that just because.

Check out her blog for more fun inspiration not only from this party but everyday life as well! Thanks Ashley!


Dr. Suess!

First a quick update - my camera is broken :( It's in the shop so let's all keep our fingers crossed for a quick, not so expensive repair! Also, I'm working on spiffing up the blog and let me tell you I CANNOT wait to show you all. The first peeks I've seen are amazing!

Let's get on to some Dr. Suess shall we?! Tomorrow (March 2nd) is the day our schools celebrate his birthday. I thought it would be fun to share some Dr. Suess inspiration today!

Some of my favorite quotes

from vi.sualize.us

from bellarusticanashville

from Facebook Addict

from rachelle adelina

How about some Dr. Seuss parties or snacks?!

This party is so perfect from  Hostess with the Mostess (lots more over there)

Simple snack from my favorite book by Muffin Tin Mom

Green Eggs and Ham from The Girl Who Ate Everything

a cute packed lunch over at How Does She?

and some crafts!

Lorax Trees from craftjr

One Fish fishing from Heck Fridays

Don't forget your Ooblek! from wired.com

You could go see the Lorax with a matching mustache - from Babble

Or dress up from Dana MADE it

couple of cute ideas from Meet the Dubiens


Shadow Boxes

My boys LOVE little things. You know when you empty the pockets of your kids' wash and wonder why in the world they wanted to save those little "treasures"? When I saw this post from my friend Jennifer Kirk on Bloesom Kids

(cute right?!)

it reminded me that I never shared one of my solutions for one of my boys' most favorite little treasures LEGO minifigs.

A while back I had posted this picture on our Facebook page

Saying that I was working on a project for the boys' room. Well since I'm all about honesty. I've only gotten 2 (out of 8) of them done, but you still get the point.

 I swear I could have a wall of these things and still not fit all the guys we have in there.

I found these little shadow boxes at Greenbacks (a dollar store) and spray painted them black. I haven't sealed them yet and we are still deciding on the best way to keep the men from falling off. They stay on fine but if you run into the wall (which for whatever reason happens often here) some may fall. I'm thinking of glueing a small LEGO strip to the bottom of each box to set the guys on.