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Pirate Week: Part 4 - Viewing Party!

My kids love parties or anything you make into a party. Set up a little snack table and a banner and they are in the party mood! We decided to set up a Pirates viewing party with a fun snack table featuring banana boats for dessert!

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Spy Week Roundup

To finish off Spy Week I thought I'd link up to some Spy/Detective/Secret Agent party ideas!

Lots of great activities for older kids at Birthday Blueprint

 A fun small detective party at Forget Laundry

A detective party with a mystery to solve from The Princess and The Frog

Love the big scavenger hunt at this party from The Friday Five

An inspiring Hardy Boys party from Joya Baby

If you aren't the DIY type you can find a full set of spy party printables from SIMONEmadeit on Etsy


Wreck It Ralph Party!

We love Wreck It Ralph so natrually I loved this idea for a Wreck It Ralph viewing party from Not Just a Mommy. I think this is a fun way to have a "birthday party" without the stipulation of presents. Kids can watch the movie and participate in fun related activities without having to call it a birthday party. Or just an excuse for a party because I'm always looking for those!

The BEST part is the candy car making!

Check out all the fun details, specifics, and other awesome parties at Not Just a Mommy.


LEGO Dance Party

I recently found another party that was just too good not to share. What type of party do you have for a LEGO lover who can dance? A LEGO Dance Party of course! Cupcakes and Cutlery put on one of the most amazing kids' parties I have seen lately! So many great details!

The cake was opened with a hammer!

To me this is so creative - putting things your kid loves together to create a seamless party - like people do it all the time. Be sure to stop by Cupcakes and Cutlery and tell her how amazing this party was! Plus, you're going to want to see ALL the photos.



Minecraft Party!

If you know what a creeper, zombie, Steve, and the nether have in common then we're in the same boat. Minecraft! Sort of like digital building blocks Minecraft is an online game that has seemed to win the interest of LOTS of little boys around here. They went NUTS over this party so I knew I had to share it with all of our readers who share the same interests ;)

Partylicious left no detail out of this truly amazing party! I would have loved to have seen everything in person! (which reminds me that I never shared our full party from October oops!)

Back to Minecraft - check out some of my favorite details from the party

More amazing details at the Partylicious blog

Party Credits:

Styling: Mare Romo
Mini cakes: Wanda González
Paper Products: Partylicious
Photography: Partylicious


I KNOW there are other Minecraft fans out there - how amazing is this party?!


Football parties + food allergies + Rubbermaid

My 10 year old and I both cannot eat gluten. Eating at home is no big deal for us, but eating out and at friends' house can be somewhat of a challenge. Parker is our house's newest football fan. We've always loved football parties (what's not to love? food, friends, football, commercials) and have hosted several ourselves! With football party season in full swing it's inevitable that we'll be headed to more and more parties soon. As his mom I strive to make parties (especially football parties) fun for him NOT another eating burden. I had a great idea and solution!



Party Time

I will soon be the mother of a 10 year old! I can't believe it! We had a little family dinner (grandparents and aunts/uncles) to celebrate. We've made this a tradition to have a family dinner for each of the boys. Sometimes it's the only time we get to see everyone together!

We are gearing up for a sleepover and trip to the arcade (wish me luck!) but thought I'd share a few pictures of our dinner since the decorations will transfer over. We went with the Vintage Car Collection from Spaceships and Laserbeams

He has really been into classic cars lately. He was SO surprised and excited when his Papa (grandpa) picked him up from school in the '55 Chevy. He said he fist pumped lol! ;)

We keep it simple around here decoration wise. Whatever is easy but looks fun!

They always get to choose their dinner and he asked for a soup bar! We had 4 different soups of his choice (beef vegetable, broccoli cheddar, chicken tortilla, and clam chowder) and his favorite Coke in bottles.


Photoshoot Inspiration from Pretty Little Pictures

I thought you all might enjoy seeing this fun photoshoot put together by Jena from Pretty Little Pictures. Such fun inspiration for your own little photo shoot, playtime, costume photos, party decorations etc. How fun would your kids have playing with this, OR making a stop motion video with the fun props!


Hi! I’m Jena from Pretty Little Pictures!
I love to get creative with photo shoots and this session was no exception! This session was so much fun; I planned for months and made all the props myself! I kept coming up with new ideas and getting inspired to make more props, up to the very last minute before the shoot.

The buildings that make up the city and also the telephone booth were made from cardboard boxes and the cheapest paint I could get my hands on at the craft store. I found tall boxes, and some short ones that I just attached to each other to make them taller. I masked areas off with painters tape and brought my little city vision to life! I made the superhero action signs from poster board and ripped a bunch of pages out of comic books to make a big comic book backdrop. I even made his shirt! I designed the image in Photoshop and simply printed it on an iron-on transfer and ironed it on!

Everything was relatively cheap to make and lots of fun! It was a bit time consuming, but if you want awesome decorations for a party or something similar for a shoot, it’s well worth the effort! It was so much fun to do this session. This little guy LOVES superheroes so he was thrilled to get to be a superhero for a day!

See more photos of this little superhero at Pretty Little Pictures and you can also follow along with their adventures on their Facebook page.

Thanks so much for sharing Jena!