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Tea Party

Yes I said tea party. Since my mom took us to the Ritz Carlton for our first Teddy Bear tea my boys have loved them. Yummy drinks, little food - really, what's not to love?! 4 Men and 1 Lady held the perfect Gentleman's tea party!

All the details and a lot more photos on 4 Men 1 Lady. Be sure to browse her blog, it's one of my favorites!

Have you ever had a tea party with your kids?



My boys are so excited for the Olympics this year! They love seeing all the ads out and can't wait to watch some of the events. To wear out their energy a bit before they watch tv how about hosting your own olympics?

Love this party from A Small Snippet SO much! Lots more great photos here

DIY medals from Collage Collage

DIY torch from Domsetic Goddesque

This awesome party even has some great printables! from Bird's Party Blog

Are you/your kids getting excited for the Summer Olympics?


LEGO Party by Idea! Event + Style

Today we have a special guest post from Idea! Event + Style. I saw this party on Catch my Party and stalked Idea! Event + Style Facebook page so she could tell us more about this party.
Sure, it's fun to plan girls' parties. Ruffles, lace, pink, girly, tea parties... what's not to love? But I love a good challenge when it comes to styling an event. And it's ALWAYS challenging to take a classic theme and give it a colorful, creative, modern twist. This is exactly what I set out to do with my son's LEGO MANIA 6th birthday party this year! I wanted it to be as creative and fun as a princess party could be. Tell me what you think?

The invitations were packaged in a clear, plastic favor box. The idea behind this was to introduce a 'block' of some kind right from the start. And then of course we had to add 6 LEGO blocks inside since Neil was turning 6! These are available to order in my Etsy shop if you're looking for some cool LEGO-inspired invitations!

The kids' tables were set with a simple, modern vision. My favorite items were the hand-made LEGO plates that were made to resemble LEGO heads. These will be available to purchase in my shop soon too! Just email me at jasmine@ideaeventstyle.com if you need them RIGHT NOW!

The LEGO snack/dessert table included LEGO block shaped sandwiches (so easy and a big hit!), vanilla cake pops, LEGO ninjago cookies, veggie/ranch cups, fruit skewers and 'building fuel' aka lemonade. And cake of course!
The fabulous LEGO cake stand came from my 16 month old daughter's room ;) The modern LEGO candles are available here... and they come in a 6 pack, can you believe that? The entire printable DIY package will be available in my Etsy shop soon as well. Again, email me at jasmine@ideaeventstyle.com if you need it sooner!

Vanilla Push Up Pops
These are all the rage in the party world right now. And rightly so. They are super fun to make and eat! All I did was mix up cake batter, divide into separate bowls with the right food coloring. Bake mini cupcakes, use white frosting as glue and assemble in the push up pop container. The kids LOVED these!
I hope you enjoy planning your own LEGO party as much as I did. My little guy was very excited and all his little friends had a fab time... what more could a Mom/Party Planner ask for? Enjoy some of their pictures below...
Thanks so much to Idea! Event + Style for posting this amazing party for us. Check out their website and Facebook page for more party inspiration!

Rocket Ship Party

I couldn't NOT share this party by Hello My Sweet featured on one of my favorite party blogs Spaceships and Laserbeams. The details are crazy amazing.

Please go check out all the details on this party, more photos, and even how they made some of the amazing details. Huge thanks to Hello My Sweet (check out their store) and Spaceships and Laserbeams for the awesome inspiration!



Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for my card throughout the Catch My Party contest and for the HP community who voted in the second portion as well! I shared this a couple times on the All for the Boys Facebook page and several of you took the time to vote. My design won! You can print your own card for free on the HP site HERE


Sometimes Parties Don't Go As Planned

I thought I'd write a little post since I talked about my boy's sleepover on Facebook. We had planned to have 4 boys plus my 2 over for a sleepover with all kinds of amazing sleepover activities and of course a midnight snack bar. However, things change.

We had planned on moving beforehand and were supposed to be settled in by then. Things changed and we were in the new house but just barely. There was nothing there. So we brought a few things over so that we could sleep there since that was the address on the invite. Then we realized that no one had RSVP'd except for one boy. I didn't want to plan a million activities for 6 kids when we may have none. So I bought decorations and got snacks last minute. We picked out some things to put together a few goodie bags. 

1 boy did come and my boy decided that to make it more of a special sleepover we'd go to a pizza place with an arcade and then to the movies (yes we did have the other boys' parents permission). So we did. We saw BRAVE which they all liked and then came home for late ice cream cupcakes.

We did end up doing a few activities and I had my camera BUT forgot my memory card so iPhone photos it is.

Our birthday table set up

After the movie we came home and had a glow party. We put glow sticks into white balloons, had glow necklaces and glasses from the dollar section at Target

In the morning - a part of the party my son was most excited - cereal lol! We don't ever buy cereal so he was super excited to buy several different types to choose from along with some cinnamon rolls on his birthday party morning.

Then we went swimming at 8am and made light sabers out of pool noodles.

In the end he loved his little sleepover. His Harry Potter party last year was a bit more involved so having it a little easier this year may have just been what we needed. Just some more proof that we aren't perfect over here either ;)


Party Inspiration - Reptiles

I love this party featured on Catch My Party from Amy at Creatively Quirky at Home. We are reptile fans in our house and I know my little reptile lovers would have had fun at this party. (Fun fact - Jared and I used to do Reptile shows at schools here and there when he managed a pet store.)

These favors just make the party for me

But the dessert table is pretty awesome too

They had a "reptile guy" come with lots of fun creatures to see (and hold)

Such a fun party! See more HERE

Any other reptile lovers out there? We have 4 eggs the boys have been waiting very patiently to hatch here!


Bike Party Inspiration!

I came across a new blog last week through my friend Jen. The blog is called Run Lucas Run and I had to ask to share her really fun, simple bike party!

The kids each brought their bikes, parked them at a cone inside and went to stations to decorate their bikes for racing. I loved all the details including the neon trophies!

Be sure to check out Run Lucas Run for more pictures and all the details!

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