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Spy Week: Part 2 - Printable Decoder

Every spy needs a way to send messages to his partner. The circle decoder is the perfect tool!

You can have your kids make their own or print out this one

Cut out the circles

Arrange from smallest to biggest and use a brad in the center to attach them together

Now you're ready to create a message and decode!

You'll need to decide which code you're going to use. You line up the "A" on the smaller circle with the letter on the larger circle that you've chosen. Some do the first letter of the day of the week so today would be W for Wednesday. We wanted to be cryptic so I chose "V" for this one. When writing your message use the outer circle for plain english and the inner circle for the decoded message.

Once the message is written out - mess up the decoder so not just anyone can figure it out. The person decoding will need to match up the "A" with the secret letter (in this case "V") 

You use the outer circle for the plain english message and the inner circle for the decoded message. So in this case he found the "O" on the inner circle and change it to "I" to decode.

Now you have a way to send special messages. To make it harder you can run all the decoded letters together!

See more from SPY WEEK


Spring / Easter Inspiration!

Some of you are starting Spring Break or getting ready to and some are gearing up for Easter. It's about time for a little inspiration round up! There are some awesome ideas from last year HERE / HERE / HERE

Peep jousting deserves a mention all it's own. It's a must in our house this time of year

I love the homemade "baskets" and shirts from Mer Mag last year

How cute is this printable egg delivery truck from Mr. Printables?!

Decorating eggs with Sharpies is a great idea! from Mom.Me

Here's a fun egg toss game from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Get messy with cracked egg painting! From Growing a Jeweled Rose

Maybe instead of purchasing a basket this year - you could have your kids make theirs - out of LEGO bricks! from Logan Makes a Mess


We Go Together Valentine Printable

My youngest really wanted to do Cookies + Milk Valentine cards this year. We didn't find much in the way of printables and he wanted something very "grown up" looking (not babyish or "girlish") so I whipped up a quick printable for him and thought I'd share it here as well!

We have to do pre-packaged tag still on treats at our school so we still need to buy individual packs of cookies but I wanted to package one up so you could see how the printable came out. We got swirly straws at the party store - they had really cute heart ones but not enough for the whole class.

You could even pop a Valentine joke in there too!

CLICK HERE to download your own Cookies + Milk printable, they are 2 per page, just trim and staple.


Valentine's Ideas

It's that time of year when a lot of you have kids thinking about Valentine's Day parties at school, church, or play group. Last year we had a couple of good roundups HERE and HERE so instead of repeating those ideas (you should definitely check them out if you haven't) I am adding to the list!

You can use your LEGO candy mold to make treats for this one by mommypalooza

Not a printable (because of copyright and thank you for being honest ;) but a great idea if you want to make your own Star Wars light saber Valentines from Inchmark

Cute magnifying glass Valentine from Dandee

These Whoopee cushion Valentines may be my favorite of the year from Paging Supermom

Cute pixie stick arrows from Simple Simon & Company

A great idea to use with these erasers or your own small toy or trinket from Thirty Handmade Days

And these are high on my boys' list for this year - an arrow printable for pencils! from Sweet Muffin Suite

And another great non candy idea - You RULE Valentine from Thompson and Spring

Our friends over at Spaceships and Laserbeams have a great roundup as well!

(Disclosure: Affiliate link contained in this post)


Recently Pinned

I pinned a few thing recently that I wanted to share here!

This oragami heart page holder might be fun to make for the class or teachers! from How About Orange

And these printable Valentine Tic Tac Toe would be fun for class Valentines but also for printing out and keeping in the car for longer than usual car rides! from Sally J Shim

And these Lil Love Monsters from eighteen25 are too cute not to share! Maybe to go with your Love Bug?

and I love these shoe boxes houses for cute storage and/or play from The Gold Jellybean



If you're looking for a new (cheap) game or activity to do with your kiddos or just keep in your bag/purse Handmade Charlotte has a great free domino printable made by Mer Mag

A fun simple (and nice to look at) quiet game! These are the types of things I like to print out and keep on hand and ready to go for whenever we might need them.

Head over to Handmade Charlotte for the printable and game instructions!


Valentine Printable Joke Notes!

By popular demand I created some printable Valentine Joke Notes to go along with our Back to School, Halloween, and Christmas jokes!

These are so fun to stick in lunches, print out for a little joke book, add into class Valentines, or just read and share! I may make some more if time allows but we are also working on a printable Valentine gift to share with time to spare for Valentine's Day.

You can print your own set HERE (for personal use)



2013 Kid Interview

I made these printable interviews last year. They are a fun way to document how your kids change each year!

You can have your kids fill them out or fill them out for them (don't forget to include the cheesy school photo if you have one). You can do them for the end of this year or for the start of next year. 

I already made the 2012 VERSION that you can DOWNLOAD HERE

but I have gotten some requests for the 2013 version!