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I posted about these while driving last week and it definitely developed some interest. I picked up these Stikeez suction cup animals at our local Fry's store on a grocery run. You can see them in our Travel Tuesday photo. They looked fun to play with in the car on our roadtrip and were only a couple of dollars so I picked them up.

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Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Where are my super hero fans?! Click over to check out this super fun new super hero toy where you can create your own awesome (or silly) super hero!

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Monday Mentions

I hate when I have things rolling around in my head that I've been wanting to share but I just haven't done it. It's like they are hanging there taking up precious brain space so today I'm finally going to share to get them out of there! Here are some things that are definitely worth mentioning and worth you checking out!

We recently got this helmet for one of the boys who needed a new one and I am really impressed.


Click through for all of this weeks mentions (you won't want to miss them)!

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Fun for Everyone

Disclosure: Yes, this post contains affiliate links (a link that gives me a small percentage monetary incentive for linking you to it without affecting your price) thanks for helping me fund the caffeine necessary to keep this blog going!

  1. Fort Magic - Yes this is a pricier fort kit, but you get what you pay for. We've tried others and this one by far is the sturdiest and best to stand up to kids. Great for parents to build for little ones and for older kids to build themselves.
  2. Boogie Board - a cool LCD writing tablet to replace paper/pens. It is pressure sensitive so you can use the stainless steel stylus, your finger or any non marking/scratching item. Great for road trips or times when the kids need to sit still. Erases at the touch of a button.
  3. Q-Ba-Maze - really cool cubes that interlock to create a marble run with unlimited configurations (like animals, shapes etc)
  4. Wall Coaster - a fun track that goes right on the wall. You can add your own velcro or magnets for easier use for the young kids.
  5. MakeDo - any of their play sets or new Box Props are so fun. The Box Props turn any small box into a fun character or toy
  6. Pig Popper - I included this last year. I don't know why but this is one of those toys that everyone (even the adults) will get into. Squeeze his stomach and the ball pops out of his mouth with a satisfying "POP". There's a pig, shark, moose, dinosaur, dog... and they have fun accessories this year like extra balls or targets. This inexpensive toy is a favorite!

Building Better Habits with EveryDrop™ Water Filter + a giveaway!

As a mom one of the things I try hard to do with my kids is to help them build better habits. Making the right food choices, keeping their homework organized, and not trashing where we live is high on the list. I try hard to teach them to respect things, protect and preserve what we can.

Click through to see one way I do this AND enter to win an EveryDrop™ water filter + $100 gift card!

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NEW Create 2 Destroy + A Giveaway!

Who doesn't love to destroy things?! Especially something you can build (and re-build) click over to check out Create 2 Destroy and ENTER TO WIN!


Fort Friday V Dub Style

What do you think of when you think of Volkswagens? The beach? A party? The 60's? I think of high school. Mr. All for the Boys used to pick me up in a '74 white Volkwagen Beetle and then a pink I mean SALMON '66 Volkswagen beetle. Yes, salmon. People still recognize me as the girl whose boyfriend drove the pink bug. I now own a Volkswagen Passat and we are already talking about buying an older beetle for the boys to work on and drive when they are old enough.

Needless to say we are Volkswagen fans. Wait until you see the "fort" we have to show you today.

Read on to see this awesomeness in action!

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Rocket Launching with Estes! (a giveaway)

We are SO excited to share our latest "unplug and build" activity this time with Estes!

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