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Real Rooms

I'm sure you've seen lots of amazingly decorated perfect rooms around the internet. I LOVE getting inspiration from pictures of kids' rooms. However looking at those can sometimes make us think our rooms aren't good enough or will never look that good. You know what? Who cares. We do what we can do and as long as our kids are happy what does it matter if their rooms aren't fit for the cover of an interior design magazine?

Thinking about all of that got me to thinking maybe I'm the only one who thinks that? Maybe I'm the only one whose kids' rooms aren't what I had envisioned when I was little and planning my perfect life. So I asked a couple of my blogger friends to share their kids rooms, right now however they look.

The thing I love the most out of all of these rooms is that you can see personality of the parents and kids. You can tell each of these parents has a sense of design/art/style and yet there are actual kids living/playing/messing in these rooms. Some are clean, some aren't so picked up and yet they are all so fun in their own ways!

Here are 2 rooms from my friends over at The Happy Family Movement. They actually blogged about their rooms on Monday

Kelly from Kelly Noel Photography has some sports loving boys - this room is SO perfect for them!

Jen from The Brothers Trimm shared these pictures with me of her colorful, adorable room.

Here are some pictures from Alison over at This Homemade Life - boys obviously live here ;)

and here are a few shots from Jen from Ambrosia Creative (love the poster) she posted about their rooms here

and probably way too many pictures of our rooms ;) I obviously have 2 very different peronalities here!

Apparently we hang up markers with tape? Anyway there it is the boys' rooms in all their lived in glory :) 

So what do you think? Are you still inspired even though we aren't ready for a cover shoot? Did you like a peek into some bloggers' real kids rooms? I was!