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It's been a while since we've done some organization inspiration and I've got organization on the brain (maybe spring cleaning?)

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SWOOP Bag Giveaway!

Finding just the right storage for our LEGO bricks (as you know) has been a never ending process. We have them stored nicely in drawer/bins right now but the biggest complaint is that the boys have to dump them out to find what they are looking for so there is always a supply of LEGO bricks all over the floor. I've seen Swoop bags before and was SO excited to get our first bag to try out.

It. Is. Awesome.

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Can I tell you all a "secret" about myself? I am not an organized person. I LOVE organization, but I am definitely not an organized person so I can use all the help I can get!

You may have pinned a post from my friends over at Modern Parents Messy Kids POYEL series this last year (Project organize your entire life) a LOT of people did (over 400,000) and rightly so! I am so excited to delve into their new ebook/Kindle book!

Here's a bit more info on what's in the book:

  • Step-by-Step action plans for conquering some of the biggest obstacles to living the simplified life you’re yearning for: decluttering, cleaning, organizing, meal planning and more.
  • Customizable strategies for it all.  We’re of the belief that one size does NOT fit all. Which is why the quick start guide is full of resources for a variety of lifestyles, schedules, and personalities.
  • A built-in support network.  Yeah, we know, a support system for organizing? Sounds a little over the top – but you’d be surprised how motivating a facebook group of over 3,500 fellow simplifiers can be.
  • No unattainable goals, only real-life expectations.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that simplifying and organizing is a journey, not a destination.  So we’ve set up our quick start guide accordingly.  By offering lots of different strategies for tackling a problem, we’re arming you with the tools you need to be successful when life changes on you.

I am excited to start reading/studying my copy! You can get one for only $6.99 if you need help like me ;) Other versions will be out shortly.

I think my favorite post from that series is the toddler creativity center

I'm still working (ok trying to get back to working) on organization that works well for the boys' rooms. If you're in the same boat as me here are some more posts I've found inspiring

Organize and Decorate Everything has TONS of great ideas for room organization

 I love the idea of a peg board to store lots of things! from Just Between Friends

We've talked about LEGO storage a few times here, here, and here

Who else has organization on the brain?!

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Not only are we going on vacation we are also in the process of moving. (Yes a little crazy around here) which means finally finalizing my LEGO storage plans. I've come across a few new ideas that I liked since we shared last so I thought I'd pass them along!

Love this DIY portable LEGO tray by That's My Letter

Check out this organized wall from The Pennington Point!

A rolling cart may be a good solution - from Apartment Therapy

I still like the giant LEGO boxes. I think they're fun! from A Place for Everything

They've always had this LEGO workstation

Or this sorting box or sorting head where the small pieces end up at the bottom after you shake it up.


Have you seen any great LEGO storage solutions other than the ones we've seen?


Let's Talk LEGO part 2

Of course these ideas will work for any type of small toys with instructions but the last time we talked about LEGO storage there was some question on instructions and how they are kept/stored. 

Five Little Reasons laminated and stored the instructions on a line of hooks

Meredith from My 4 Boys put all of hers into page protectors in to binders

Kristy Makes also put them into binders but put some of the smaller ones into baseball card protectors

Making Chicken Salad simply puts them all in a file box

But I also love how they store their minifigs - kind of like at the Lego Store!

As for us, I can never seem to keep track of the instructions after it's built. The boys kept some for a while or would hang on to their favorites, but now we keep them until they've built the set and once the set either goes on display or with the rest of the Legos we recycle the instructions and pull up whichever ones we want on the Lego site HERE. You can pretty much search any set new or old and find what you're looking for. This may not be ideal for everyone but certainly works for us!

Do you have a different method to storing the instructions?


Let's Talk LEGO

I know LEGOs are on the top of a lot of your kids' favorite toy list and according to our Facebook discussions many of you had the same problem I did after Christmas (LEGO hurricane anyone?) I did a post last year about LEGO storage but here I am in 2012 and I STILL haven't found a great solution.

There are a few things I really want in our LEGO storage. The boxes/bins need to be shallow so that there isn't too much "digging" for the correct piece. The storage needs to be in the same spot where they play so that they aren't dragged around the house. And while not needed I'd really like it to look good!

Here are some I've seen around that maybe you haven't seen yet

from iheart organizing

from rb3wreath on Flickr

from Lost Button Studio

from Apartment Therapy

from KatieScott at 2Peas

from Bladewood on Flickr

One REALLY cool solution I came across was BrikCrate

Here's a little video about what it is

I have to say, it's one of the best solutions I've seen yet. Although this one table wouldn't hold all our LEGOS, it is a lot closer to my "ideal" storage solution! Here is a picture also from Brikcrate using 2 of their units

I also really liked this article How to Organize your LEGO Bricks for Efficient Building. I don't think my boys are quite there yet but it has some great tips!

Please tell me that one of you has the perfect solution?



We have a living room in the front of our house where the boys like to play, build forts, or watch movies. Currently (and often) it looks like this (plus a bit more)

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