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This space was created for my boys, moms with boys, and people who love to find boy things! Basically All for the Boys! I found myself wandering down isles of craft fair booths always trying to find something new that was created with boys in mind but it always seemed to find very little and what I did was just like everything else. Boy stuff doesn't have to be all baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls am I right?! The internet is much the same - there is some amazing boy inspiration to be found but it is often buried under the (maybe much easier to please?) girl stuff!

My 2 boys give lots of input and reviews on the items/projects/inspiration that is shared and they aren't afraid to be honest :)

My name is Allison Waken - Mom, Wife, and Photographer to my husband and 2 boys (ages 9 and 7). We reside in Phoenix, AZ and try to travel often to visit the rest of our family in Southern California.  To see our personal photos, daily happenings visit my other site All for the Memories


Hello, I’m Heather the writer and creator of Crayon Box Chronicles.  Before my mommy and blogging days, I was a Creative Director for an advertising agency.  After many years, I hung up my heels, long hours at the creative table, and pursued a career in window design and styling.  The Big Apple welcomed me with open arms where I cultivated my love for designing spaces and styling.  I still managed to keep those long hours though, but I was truly happy and doing what I love to do!  I love details and organizing! After seven years of designing spaces, fashion shows, and traveling the world it was time for a change.



We are currently trying to make this space the best it can be so please give us your feedback! Girls always welcome! I created the site with my family of boys in mind but we have and love all our fans regardless of their chromosomal makeup.